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  1. The Vicious Cycle of Food Sensitivities

    Eliminating inflammatory triggers is the subject of part 3 in my mini-series on “How to Have Better Digestion Starting NOW!”.  We will take a look at food sensitivities and their role in wreaking havoc in the digestive system. Quite easily the best piece of advice I can give anyone wanting to improve their digestive health …

  2. Tend your Microbiome (part 2 of How to Have Better Digestion Starting NOW!)

      One of the best things you can do for your gut bacteria, or microbiome, is to take a good quality probiotic, right?  But what does it take to make a good quality probiotic?  That’s a question I’m asked over and over again. Not only are probiotics important, but so are prebiotics, short chain fatty …

  3. How to Have Better Digestion Starting NOW!

    (This is the first of a multi-part series.) We all want better digestion, right?  Poor digestion, no matter how it shows up, can leave us feeling lousy and eventually lead to everything from skin conditions to achy muscles and joints. That famous Hippocrates quote, “All disease begins in the gut”, even though probably not 100% accurate, has stood the test …

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