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  1. Reasons You May Not Be Digesting Your Food Well—Too Much Stress

    Explore the stress-digestion connection, mindful eating practices, and a holistic approach for better digestive health.

  2. Best Healthy Coleslaw Ever

    My Best Healthy Coleslaw Ever is filled with your traditional coleslaw ingredients plus a few spicy twists!

  3. The Vicious Cycle of Food Sensitivities

    Eliminating inflammatory triggers is the subject of part 3 in my mini-series on “How to Have Better Digestion Starting NOW!”.  We will take a look at food sensitivities and their role in wreaking havoc in the digestive system. Quite easily the best piece of advice I can give anyone wanting to improve their digestive health …

  4. Tend your Microbiome (part 2 of How to Have Better Digestion Starting NOW!)

      One of the best things you can do for your gut bacteria, or microbiome, is to take a good quality probiotic, right?  But what does it take to make a good quality probiotic?  That’s a question I’m asked over and over again. Not only are probiotics important, but so are prebiotics, short chain fatty …

  5. How to Have Better Digestion Starting NOW! (part 1)

    Improve Digestion & Gut Health: Tips for a Balanced Diet | Say goodbye to digestive issues! Learn how to nurture your gut with colorful, organic, and clean foods.

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