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  1. Four Myths About Food Sensitivity Testing

    Learn the facts about MRT Food Sensitivity Testing and dispel the 4 common myths I hear from clients.

  2. The Second Time Around: My Own Food Sensitivity Story

    I first used the MRT test on myself several years ago, after very successfully using it with a bunch of clients for a couple of years. I had always had it in the back of my mind that I needed to do the test on myself because of two conditions I had that were related …

  3. What is MRT and How Can It Help Me?

    Revolutionize Your Health with MRT: The leading Mediator Release Test for food sensitivity & first step in your Immune System Reset.

  4. The Better Digestion Blueprint Program (using the Mediator Release Test)

    Achieve normal bowel movements and lifelong digestive health with The Better Digestion Blueprint Program. Identify problem foods, reduce inflammation, and restore gut health for an unrestricted diet.

  5. My Own Food Sensitivity Story

    I suffered from constipation, bloating, and embarrassing (and very often, quite horrible smelling) gas for as long as I can remember, but it became a real problem to me in my high school, college, and early adult years. I had no idea what caused this mysterious problem, and certainly did not know what to do …

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