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  1. Raspberry Chia Fresca

    Not only is this drink delicious, but the raspberries are high in vitamin C, lemon is great for the liver, coconut water helps with hydration and adds electrolytes, and the chia seeds help with healthy bowel movements. Feel free to use any type of frozen berry – you can’t go wrong! You can even add …

  2. Split Pea Soup

    Split Pea Soup 1 ham bone or hock  1 lb split peas (or 1/2 lb. each of green and yellow)  1 lb smoked sausage (beef, pork, chicken, turkey)  6 cups water  1 medium onion, diced  12 carrots, diced  1 stalk celery, diced 1/4 tsp thyme, dried 1/4 tsp savory, dried  1 tsp sea salt 1/4 tsp pepper  1 cup almond, soy, coconut milk or cream (or dairy milk if using)  1 tbsp butter, melted, optional  1 tbsp flour of choice, …

  3. Hemp Crusted Trout (or Salmon)

    How about some Vitamin D?  Both trout and salmon are good sources, and hemp offers a little bit to boot! hemp-seed-crusted-trout  

  4. Banana & Oat Cookies

    Here’s a great recipe for when you have the munchies or to prepare in bulk and freeze for the holidays. banana-oat-chocolate-chip-cookies

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