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  1. Resiliency: Protecting Yourself from Colds, Flu and Other Viruses

    It’s been just about a year since Covid-19 came to the forefront of news in our country.  If we’ve learned anything, we’ve learned how vulnerable many Americans are due to the current state of their health, which has a lot to do with diet and lifestyle choices.  Many health professionals have dug into the research …

  2. Magnesium, magnesium everywhere but not inside me!

    Did you know that dietary surveys consistently show that the majority of Americans are eating less than the recommended amount of magnesium from food? In this post, I talk about why magnesium is so important and how you can get more magnesium in your diet.

  3. Vitamin D

    It’s summer and time to soak up some sun!  But there’s a fine art to that–I call it the Goldilock’s Principle.  That means you need not too much Vitamin D, and not too little.  It also has to be at the right time of day and with no sunscreen on.  (I know I just made …

  4. Did you know that when you eat good, healthy, unprocessed whole foods it is actually good for your microbiome (your gut bacteria and its environment)?

    Here’s a recent study showing that some of my favorite foods — black tea, red wine, and blueberries (they all contain flavonoids) — help your gut bacteria fight the flu! And I’m sure there are many other beneficial processes going on too! Here’s the scoop: Natural compound coupled with specific gut microbes may prevent severe …

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