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Tammy’s MRT/LEAP Journey


For years I have had problems with bowel and gut issues. Doctors would say it was probably a case of IBS and to eat more fiber which usually did not work and seemed to make things worse. I just lived with it until the hemorrhoids started giving me problems, which happened when the bowel movements were bad, which was becoming all the time. It got to where I was so sore that I could not walk by the evenings, and so I sat in hot baths all the time for the pain.

My husband convinced me to work with Susan and I took the food sensitivity test that she recommended. Many of the fiber supplements and healthy foods I was eating showed up to be problem foods for me. It’s crazy that healthy foods like spinach, onions, garlic, salmon, and wheat were causing gut issues.

When I started the food protocols that Susan set up for me, I felt good the first two weeks but would get frustrated when introducing new foods that I had a reaction to. My progress seemed slow, but I’m so glad I stuck with it.

Susan recommended I take some supplements to help heal my gut, and as I allowed time for them to work, things got better. I have not had normal bowel movements like this in a long time and the hemorrhoid pain is so much better.

Tammy Chancellor 2020

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