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Vicky’s MRT/LEAP Journey

Vicky first contacted me in early to mid March of 2020, and I remember discussing with her what we thought the current COVID-19 crisis was going to do to our health and our economy.  She’d had severe digestive issues for more than 20 years and was having trouble staying in meetings for her job.

Vicky had worked with several GIs, but they were missing one tool that I use quite a bit in my practice, and that one tool made all the difference in the world for her!

She had been tested for SIBO twice, with results that were not completely positive.  She’d had multiple courses of Rifaximin which didn’t help long term.  She would have 3-4 weeks of no pain or diarrhea, followed by 3-4 weeks of hell.

She’d even been treated with a $2,000/month enzyme that didn’t help. Vicky was at her wit’s end when she made the appointment to talk to me.

Right away she signed up for my Better Digestion Blueprint program, and 10 days later we were going over her food sensitivity test results.  We designed a plan, based on her test results, and she decided to start her food protocol in a week so that she’d have ample time to prepare.

Within two weeks of starting her food protocol, Vicky was feeling better, and two weeks after that, she said she was “cautiously optimistic”.  You see, Vicky had been let down so many times after seeing a little bit of progress in the digestive area that it was hard to get her hopes up too much.  (But I knew this was the real thing–healing from within!)

Two weeks later, she wrote:

“…my life is so much better since starting the anti-inflammatory protocol…  I have had severe digestive issues for more than 20 years.  This is week 6 and I have not felt this good in forever.  It’s easy and I finally know which foods I can safely enjoy and am adding more each week…”

And today she said:

The difference in my quality of life is like night and day.  The bad days are nowhere close to what a bad day used to be. Feeling this good is empowering for sure.” 

She said she can now:

  • Schedule morning activities,
  • Plan in advance instead of last minute, and
  • Just feel more confident in general.

Hallelujah!  This is great to hear!

Would you like to do the MRT?  It’s part of my The Better Digestion Blueprint Program and I accept 10 new clients into the program each month!  I offer different program levels to meet each person’s unique needs.  You can fill out an application so I can make sure it’s a good fit for your situation, and if so, we’ll schedule some time to talk and get you set up in the program level perfect for you!

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