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  1. Healthy Salmon with Spinach and Lentils Recipe: A Heart-Healthy, Fiber-Rich Meal

    Salmon with Spinach and Lentils recipe: a heart-healthy, nourishing dish rich in omega-3, protein, and vitamins. Perfect for a simple yet delicious meal.

  2. 3 Ingredient Sugar Free Strawberry Ice Cream

    Organic strawberries are in the stores!  And at a good price too!  I try to get organic strawberries because they are ALWAYS on the Dirty Dozen List.  And this year, like most, they are #1 (that’s not a good thing) on the Dirty Dozen List.  I use the Dirty Dozen – Clean 15 Lists put out …

  3. Simple, Easy Chia Berry Jam Recipe

    I love berries, and most of the year I’m buying frozen berries because they are more affordable and last way longer than their fresh counterparts. Frozen berries are picked at peak ripeness and flash-frozen—so that they can have a better flavor than fresh out-of-season berries. Now berries are starting to be in season and I’m …

  4. Did you know that when you eat good, healthy, unprocessed whole foods it is actually good for your microbiome (your gut bacteria and its environment)?

    Here’s a recent study showing that some of my favorite foods — black tea, red wine, and blueberries (they all contain flavonoids) — help your gut bacteria fight the flu! And I’m sure there are many other beneficial processes going on too! Here’s the scoop: Natural compound coupled with specific gut microbes may prevent severe …

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