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  1. Fermented Salsa

    If you have a garden in the south, you’re probably already growing all of the ingredients for…. SALSA! OMG!  It’s my favorite, but I have to grow the cilantro under grow lights inside because it gets too hot for cilantro before the tomatoes and peppers are ready. But, once all your cards are in the …

  2. Fermented Ketchup

    Okay, so this isn’t exactly like the “real deal” ketchup, but it is guilt-free!  This ketchup is actually GOOD FOR YOU!  I normally do not consume ketchup, even the organic brands, but I do eat this! “Ketchup provides us with an excellent example of a condiment that was formerly fermented and therefore health promoting, but whole …

  3. Almond Butter & Raspberry Jam Chia Pudding

    Chia seeds are one of those nutrition powerhouses!  Just 1 Tablespoon of chia seeds provides: 2.1 grams ALA (an Omega 3) 4 grams insoluble fiber 2 grams protein Vitamins and minerals including calcium, phosphorus, and zinc The insoluble fiber in chia seeds acts like a broom sweeping out the digestive tract.  It also feeds the …

  4. How to Increase Fiber in Your Diet WITHOUT all of the Digestive Upset

    Boost digestive wellness through strategic fiber intake without digestive upset.

  5. Tend your Microbiome (part 2 of How to Have Better Digestion Starting NOW!)

      One of the best things you can do for your gut bacteria, or microbiome, is to take a good quality probiotic, right?  But what does it take to make a good quality probiotic?  That’s a question I’m asked over and over again. Not only are probiotics important, but so are prebiotics, short chain fatty …

  6. Debbie and MRT/LEAP

    IBS for over 20 years-GONE!

  7. Did you know that when you eat good, healthy, unprocessed whole foods it is actually good for your microbiome (your gut bacteria and its environment)?

    Here’s a recent study showing that some of my favorite foods — black tea, red wine, and blueberries (they all contain flavonoids) — help your gut bacteria fight the flu! And I’m sure there are many other beneficial processes going on too! Here’s the scoop: Natural compound coupled with specific gut microbes may prevent severe …

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