My Client's Stories - Brain Fog - Fatigue

Brain Fog, Fatigue


I feel mentally amazing, like not brain fog like I normally would. No need to be in bed. It’s just amazing how good it feels that I never want to go back to feeling like that again. I just want to keep focusing on getting healthier more and more. Between Susan’s program and my chiropractor, I feel like a new person!

- Maggie Fuhrmann

Psoriasis, Brain Fog

Jane's arm -- psoriasis outbreak

My story began in March 2016 with a mild flare of psoriasis. I had 2 more flares that I didn't recognize as psoriasis, and I was in process of getting a diagnosis when on Nov 30, 2016 (while on my way to the dermatologist) I was in a terrible auto accident. I was not injured except for bruises, scratches, and small lacerations. The accident set off my psoriasis and I went into a huge flair that was unbelievable over 90% of my body. The flare looked like a huge blistering or burn, and my skin was falling off and itching from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. In February I landed in the hospital for the psoriasis. They got the psoriasis under control for a few days, but it was back within 72 hours after I was released. I was a mental and physical wreck. I had lost a lot of my hair; I had lost weight and all control of my world. I was now on medication for anxiety, itching and doing chemotherapy for the psoriasis. I was told by my doctor that diet didn't have anything to do with it, but I felt that it was something I was eating.

Jane with her husband

I heard about a test called MRT that could tell me what foods I was sensitive to. I knew I wanted this testing and the counseling that went with it. I found Susan Gleaton and got an appointment with her. I was a mess and unable to think or express myself. She was so patient with me and told me about how being sensitive to foods could affect my condition. She did the MRT testing, and I found that the foods I was currently eating were the ones I was most sensitive to. When I changed my diet to exclude the things I was sensitive to it detoxed my body and within 2 weeks I started improving.

I was absolutely amazed that I felt so much better. I had less brain fog, my memory improved, and I was just mentally more alert. My skin started to clear up for the first time since November 2016. I'm so grateful and appreciate Susan so much for helping. I have had another flair with my skin in July this year but I didn't itch all over like before and I know that it came back when I was stressed and got off my diet. I plan to follow this plan for a lifetime.

- Jane Crosby

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