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Severe Digestive Issues

My life is so much better since starting the anti-inflammatory protocol with Susan. I have had severe digestive issues for more than 20 years. This is week 6 and I have not felt this good in forever. It's easy and I finally know which foods I can safely enjoy and am adding in more foods each week.

- Vickie S.



Before doing Susan's program, my headaches were more constant, and it was my body saying it was slowly dying! That sounds dramatic but I do feel so much better after cleaning up the way I eat. And my migraines, when they set in, are not near as painful!

My bowel movements are completely different than from before. I don't rush to the restroom after I eat and they are solid. Which never happened before!!!

I'm not sure if it's how clean I'm eating or the supplements, but my fingernails have always been flimsy and would break easily when they'd start to get long. But now they are actually at a good length and getting stronger!

It’s SO worth it to invest into your health. I have a husband and tiny people who depend on me and I have to be at my very best which is why I sought out help and I am so glad I did! I feel entirely different and better!

- Natalie

Gut and Bowel Issues, Hemorrhoids

Tammy with her husband - mountains in the background

For years I have had problems with bowel and gut issues. Doctors would say it was probably a case of IBS and to eat more fiber which usually did not work and seemed to make things worse. I just lived with it until the hemorrhoids started giving me problems, which happened when the bowel movements were bad, which was becoming all the time. It got to where I was so sore that I could not walk by the evenings, and so I sat in hot baths all the time for the pain.

My husband convinced me to work with Susan and I took the food sensitivity test that she recommended. Many of the fiber supplements and healthy foods I was eating showed up to be problem foods for me. It's crazy that healthy foods like spinach, onions, garlic, salmon, and wheat were causing gut issues.

When I started the food protocols that Susan set up for me, I felt good the first two weeks but would get frustrated when introducing new foods that I had a reaction to. My progress seemed slow, but I'm so glad I stuck with it.

Susan recommended I take some supplements to help heal my gut, and as I allowed time for them to work, things got better. I have normal bowel movements now which hasn't happened in a long time and the hemorrhoid pain is so much better.

- Tammy Chancellor 2020

Complicated Stomach Issues

Odalys DeYurre

I have been working with Susan since August. My stomach issues have been very complicated and severe for the past 8 months After seeing two GI's and having all sorts of testing I was diagnosed with IBS. I started an elimination diet with Susan, and I saw improvement but not where she thought I should be. She ordered a GI Map Test and thanks to her I was diagnosed with C-Diff. She has been great to work with. I highly recommend her. She makes things easy, and she is always available to answer questions.

- Odalys DeYurre (Facebook review)


Jimmy Grayson

I suffer from Diverticulosis. I did what all patients with this disease do, I had a colonoscopy, sat through a follow up appointment only to hear, I NEEDED SURGERY and to see a surgeon to get it scheduled. The surgeon told me that he would love to do the operation, but if I didn't change my diet, I would be back soon enough to repeat the process. This struck a chord with me, and I sought out a dietitian, who also had access to the MRT and other blood tests. I found Susan Gleaton. I had the blood work done found my problem foods and she crafted a diet to fix my gut from the inside out. That was 75 days ago and TO THIS DAY, with her help and determination of my own, I fixed this problem. I AM NOT going to be another surgery patient that gets a foot of their colon cut out every two years until I have to wear a bag. You don't have to either. Follow Susan's lead. Fix your diet and stick to your plan...

Healthy never felt so good!

- JG

(This comes from a guy who is a truck driver, out 2-3 weeks at a time in his rig, and still pulled this off! If he can do it, anyone can!)
- Susan

Bloating, Constipation, Muscle Aches, Joint Pain, Overweight

Pete Haugh

I was always bloated, constipated to some degree, muscles and joints hurt, legs were swollen by late afternoon, and overweight. I could not lose weight, even after I stopped eating almost all carbs (you know that low carb diet!).

I had tried all kinds of programs and plans, spent a lot of money, and got no results. I was just not a happy person and somewhat depressed.

I started Susan's program and was shocked to find out what foods I was sensitive to! Susan then tailored a program for me and away we went.

After the first two weeks I was starting to feel better and slowly started losing some weight. First month and a half, I lost 20 pounds!

I did everything Susan laid out for me and started feeling better, was not hungry between meals, stopped snacking, and was a happier person.

I am now in my last month of the program and feel really good and love all the compliments about how good I look due to the weight loss. I have more energy and feel better about myself.

- Pete Haugh

Chronic Diarrhea


Susan gave me hope again, after years of thinking I had none. I found relief from the chronic diarrhea, better health overall, and am able to incorporate better food choices specific to my nutritional needs. I'm just in awe of how the food you put in your body determines so much of how you feel and how tremendously it affects your health.

I'm able to be more active in my daily life, with little to no fatigue and minimal pain. Most importantly, I don't live my life staring at my bathroom walls all day anymore.

There are just not enough words to explain how grateful I am for Susan's knowledge and direction. I truly believe Susan saved and extended my life. I feel so different than I ever thought I could after being chronically ill for so many years. I feel happier, healthier and more alive than ever. Thank you, Thank you, a hundred times!

- Rae P.

Stomach Issues, Sinus Problems, Muscle Aches, and Joint Pain

Cherie Skudlarek

After having some undiagnosed stomach problems, I reached out to Susan for help. I'm so happy I did! I would have never thought that, in addition to stomach issues, my allergies, sinus problems, skin imperfections, aches and pains could be improved by following Susan's protocol! Trust the process! And trust Susan's expertise, your body will thank you!

- Cherie Skudlarek

Heartburn & Diarrhea

It's so good to not have something hindering me. I am so busy now and I have so much energy! I feel 100% better—like a person again!

- Debbie A.

"I Couldn't Leave My House" (Diarrhea)

I've had digestive "problems" for 20 years and the last 3-4 years I couldn't leave my house. Everything I ate would painfully go right through me. All the medicine I was taking wasn't working and it was costing me over $2,000 a month. The meds seemed to be causing me more problems and not helping with the real problem. I was in and out of the clinic being scoped from both ends, and still nothing could be done for me.

Finally, my husband called Susan and over the phone she signed me up to start treatment. One week later for the first time in 2 years I was feeling normal. Six months under Susan's program I was free of what I was told could be Crohn's disease. Everyone who has the same issues should check with Susan before being tagged with something that could permanently keep them from living a normal life.

- Debbie Simpson

IBS, Hashimoto’s, Migraines

I have had migraines for 34 years, and I have had Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, and adrenal fatigue for years. It's taken a long time to have those issues diagnosed, and even longer to understand how important it is to treat these issues at the root cause-and to learn how. Working with Susan, I have learned how to change my dietary intake and how to supplement to begin healing the intestinal permeability. This has made such a dramatic impact on my overall health.

After having the MRT food sensitivity testing done, we worked together on a diet based on the results. In only a few short months, I have been able to stop taking 4 different migraine preventatives (5-8 pills) daily. Of course, this process is not a miracle cure, I do still have migraines. However, I have fewer migraines, and since I am not taking multiple preventive meds, I am not experiencing unwanted side effects from said medications that I was taking.

This is not for wimps. If you can't live life without certain foods or drinks, you will not be successful. However, if you are serious about improving your health, contact Susan Gleaton and she will help you through the maze. I'm glad I did.

- Michelle D.

IBS, Hives

I had IBS for 30 years and it had worsened over the years. My findings with doctors and research were that it must be personal because people suffering had different symptoms. Exhausted with several health issues; I went on a mission to find the reasons that I broke out in hives and my digestive system was in such a mess.

Through a friend of a friend, I found out about Susan Gleaton, and she designed a program that was geared toward my personal blood work that exposed what my system did not like. I followed the program as close as I could and in 6 months my IBS was cured. Plus, I found out what rashes were from food.

I highly recommend this program and I was right as it cannot be solved in a one size fits all mold. My biggest pleasure is being able to eat salad, popcorn and so many other foods that I can now enjoy without a trip to the bathroom.

- NH

Stomach Cramps, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Migraines

I struggled to feed Justin his whole life and basically fed him "wrong" with the result of swollen intestines and then his whole system started to shut down. He got migraines, started throwing up regularly, and had stomach cramping and diarrhea. I went to doctor after doctor after doctor and nobody could help me. I didn't know what was happening.

When Justin was 13, one doctor said there's a great nutritionist and maybe she can help us look into this. We got to Miss Susan, she put us on a program, and we have seen such great result! It was the answer we have been praying for.

Now Justin isn't stuck in restroom anymore and his energy level so much better. The improvement has really been phenomenal. Before he was fearful of being in public due to 6 months of diarrhea, stomach cramps, and throwing up. But now he is looking forward to hanging out with friends and getting involved in school, especially with his music.

- Justin's mom

Severe Bloating

Thank you soooo much. I feel amazing 👏    I can't believe it. 2 years of discomfort. Numerous doctor visits. Numerous co-pays and no answers till I found you.

- Lindsay Donahue

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These people participated in The Better Digestion Blueprint, a 90-day, individually-tailored program based upon each person's unique food sensitivities; that enabled them to compress the time frame required to reduce their inflammatory symptoms significantly and to begin to build a healthy gut wall.

The end result of The Better Digestion Blueprint is decreased intestinal permeability, a healthy immune system, and the ability to eat a healthy, varied diet without a return of your unwanted symptoms.