My Client's Stories - Headaches


Stacy holding a trophy

All I knew was I felt cruddy. Feeling cruddy became my normal...not all at once but little by little. Like the lobster in the warm just gets warmer and warmer and then it's done, and you get eaten with butter. I guess that is how I thought it was going be for me...except I don't expect to be eaten.

A couple of my friends walked through this program with Susan Gleaton and FELT BETTER.

WHAAAAT? Is this possible?

Guess what? I feel BETTER! I'm not on OTC pain meds. I RARELY have headaches and I had them daily before. I feel hopeful in a way I hadn't before.

Thanks, Susan, for your patience and encouragement. Thanks for going the extra mile. Thanks for rejoicing with me.

- Stacy



Before doing Susan's program, my headaches were more constant, and it was my body saying it was slowly dying! That sounds dramatic but I do feel so much better after cleaning up the way I eat. And my migraines, when they set in, are not near as painful!

My bowel movements are completely different than from before. I don't rush to the restroom after I eat and they are solid. Which never happened before!!!

I'm not sure if it's how clean I'm eating or the supplements, but my fingernails have always been flimsy and would break easily when they'd start to get long. But now they are actually at a good length and getting stronger!

It’s SO worth it to invest into your health. I have a husband and tiny people who depend on me and I have to be at my very best which is why I sought out help and I am so glad I did! I feel entirely different and better!

- Natalie

IBS, Hashimoto’s, Migraines

I have had migraines for 34 years, and I have had Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, and adrenal fatigue for years. It's taken a long time to have those issues diagnosed, and even longer to understand how important it is to treat these issues at the root cause-and to learn how. Working with Susan, I have learned how to change my dietary intake and how to supplement to begin healing the intestinal permeability. This has made such a dramatic impact on my overall health.

After having the MRT food sensitivity testing done, we worked together on a diet based on the results. In only a few short months, I have been able to stop taking 4 different migraine preventatives (5-8 pills) daily. Of course, this process is not a miracle cure, I do still have migraines. However, I have fewer migraines, and since I am not taking multiple preventive meds, I am not experiencing unwanted side effects from said medications that I was taking.

This is not for wimps. If you can't live life without certain foods or drinks, you will not be successful. However, if you are serious about improving your health, contact Susan Gleaton and she will help you through the maze. I'm glad I did.

- Michelle D.

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These people participated in The Better Digestion Blueprint, a 90-day, individually-tailored program based upon each person's unique food sensitivities; that enabled them to compress the time frame required to reduce their inflammatory symptoms significantly and to begin to build a healthy gut wall.

The end result of The Better Digestion Blueprint is decreased intestinal permeability, a healthy immune system, and the ability to eat a healthy, varied diet without a return of your unwanted symptoms.