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Can't Lose Weight & Inflammation

There are times in your life where you remember significant moments... Men landing on the moon, the birth of my children, and even "aha" moments in my health. Susan Gleaton is also one that has had an impact on me that I will always remember.

Diane Chambers

I have been healthy most of my life, even with being overweight and suffering with inflammation for years. I would go to my doctors regularly for checkups, and they would always suggest that losing weight could help me. I have dieted, I've taken my doctors' advice about getting into an exercise routine, tried different potions to help me lose weight and feel better and help my pain issues. I even joined a gym and regularly exercised there. Then I joined Aquasize classes this year at Waterloo Pool and I found my niche... I could exercise for an hour and feel great!

My doctors were still puzzled because the weight was not dropping, even with eating for diabetes because my husband is diabetic. And I still had overall inflammation. During a medical consultation in the spring, my doctor threw her hands up in the air and said "I don't know what else to do because you've done everything that I've asked, and you're on the maximum amount of medication to help with your inflammation". She suggested one more avenue, because she had gone to Susan in the past and had great results in reducing her own inflammation.

I started my journey with Susan in June and I was amazed... It was like opening up a whole new world of knowledge. Susan is one of the kindest and most knowledgeable people that I have ever known. I was a Science teacher for over 20 years but did not teach much about the body. Susan has a definite depth of knowledge on the human body and how it works. It was a Godsend that my doctor gave Susan's name to me and her protocol to help me. Using different tests (deeper than I've had at any of my doctors) I found out that I had food sensitivities that caused me to have inflammation. I had no clue! Certain foods, chemicals, dyes in drinks, etc. to name a few. And I was eating the ones I was most sensitive to... no wonder I had a problem!

Susan is one of the kindest ladies, never pushy, but very informative. If I messed up by eating something I shouldn't have, Susan was not judgmental but encouraged me to get back on track and follow the steps. I've been a label-reader for a while because I was counting carbs for my husband and me, but Susan said it's best to focus on the ingredients list and to eat things that are as close to natural as possible with the fewest ingredients. I would check these ingredients against my food/chemical list before purchasing. This wonderful program allows for transparency, accountability, and availability. Susan's always willing to help. I've seen results in just a few months... The weight started coming off little by little which is so exciting to me. My Inflammation has decreased--hallelujah! I can whole-heartedly recommend Susan for anyone seeking better health and wellness!

- Diane C.

Vitiligo, Inflammation, Weight


I had an appt with my provider today. He was VERY impressed with the changes and improvements in my lab numbers. My weight, CRP (marker of inflammation), fasting blood sugar and Ha1C have all made significant improvements. There’s still a little bit of work to do, but good progress made for sure!

Also, you had asked me a while ago if I had noticed a change with my vitiligo and I wasn’t quite sure. But recently I noticed some redness in the whiter areas and some spots of pigment along the edges. And my dermatologist appt confirmed that it is in fact starting to regain some pigment!! She shined a fancy black light on my skin and showed me areas where it is no longer "milky white". (Milky white indicates no pigment, or vitiligo.)

This is so incredible! Thank you so much!!

- Suzie

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These people participated in The Better Digestion Blueprint, a 90-day, individually-tailored program based upon each person's unique food sensitivities; that enabled them to compress the time frame required to reduce their inflammatory symptoms significantly and to begin to build a healthy gut wall.

The end result of The Better Digestion Blueprint is decreased intestinal permeability, a healthy immune system, and the ability to eat a healthy, varied diet without a return of your unwanted symptoms.