My Client's Stories - Joint Pain - Muscle Aches

Joint Pain

Pam Hoberer

I am amazed at how different I feel! Before I started this I would wake up in the middle of the night and be so stiff. It doesn't hurt to close my hands anymore and no more knee pain!

- Pam Hoberer

Bloating, Constipation, Muscle Aches, Joint Pain, Overweight

Pete Haugh

I was always bloated, constipated to some degree, muscles and joints hurt, legs were swollen by late afternoon, and overweight. I could not lose weight, even after I stopped eating almost all carbs (you know that low carb diet!).

I had tried all kinds of programs and plans, spent a lot of money, and got no results. I was just not a happy person and somewhat depressed.

I started Susan's program and was shocked to find out what foods I was sensitive to! Susan then tailored a program for me and away we went.

After the first two weeks I was starting to feel better and slowly started losing some weight. First month and a half, I lost 20 pounds!

I did everything Susan laid out for me and started feeling better, was not hungry between meals, stopped snacking, and was a happier person.

I am now in my last month of the program and feel really good and love all the compliments about how good I look due to the weight loss. I have more energy and feel better about myself.

- Pete Haugh

Stomach Issues, Sinus Problems, Muscle Aches, and Joint Pain

Cherie Skudlarek

After having some undiagnosed stomach problems, I reached out to Susan for help. I'm so happy I did! I would have never thought that, in addition to stomach issues, my allergies, sinus problems, skin imperfections, aches and pains could be improved by following Susan's protocol! Trust the process! And trust Susan's expertise, your body will thank you!

- Cherie Skudlarek

Water Retention, Stiffness & Achiness in Joints and Muscles

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