My Client's Stories - Other

Leg Cramps

Donald and Kim Wiese

The MRT and Nutrition Evaluation, as well as your commonsense approach to diet, have been very useful. Prior to working with you we were guessing, mostly accurately, about diet choices. But now we KNOW for sure.

I have reintroduced all foods including a very limited amount of cow's milk, and I have no identifiable symptoms! We visited family in Colorado and even though I did vary my diet, I didn't experience any adverse symptoms. I enjoyed a full day of snow skiing with no muscle cramping and followed my 4- & 7-year-old granddaughters down a black run!

- Donald N. Wiese

Unexplained Fever

She made such a difference for my daughter! After months of unexplained fever with no other symptoms, she immediately identified the foods that were the culprit and helped my daughter form a healthy eating plan. She feels so good now. I'm so glad she went to Susan.

- a happy mom

Asthma and Behavior

- Jenny

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These people participated in The Better Digestion Blueprint, a 90-day, individually-tailored program based upon each person's unique food sensitivities; that enabled them to compress the time frame required to reduce their inflammatory symptoms significantly and to begin to build a healthy gut wall.

The end result of The Better Digestion Blueprint is decreased intestinal permeability, a healthy immune system, and the ability to eat a healthy, varied diet without a return of your unwanted symptoms.