CardioMetabolic Testing

Did you know that finding out the reason why your cholesterol is high can help you figure out what to do to lower your cholesterol? Most cholesterol tests do not go into this much detail. But Spectracell's CardioMetabolic Testing does! This test delves into such things as finding out your cholesterol particle size (is this "good" cholesterol or "bad"?), your particle number (do you have too many "cars on the highway"?), and vascular inflammation (the very reason plaque starts to accumulate in your blood vessels). It also takes an in-depth look into your blood sugar metabolism, and includes an "Omega Check" to see what type of fats you are actually eating.

ambulance There are also several genetic factors that can affect your cardiovascular health, such as MTHFR, Apolipoprotein E (ApoE), Factor V Leiden, and Prothrombin, and these genetic tests can be added on to your CardioMetabolic Test to get an even fuller picture of your cardiovascular status.

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