Cell Science Micronutrient Test

What is there not to love about Cell Science System's Cellular Nutrition Assay? If you have ever wondered:

  • Am I eating enough of the right foods to meet my nutrient needs?
  • Am I taking the right supplements?
  • Is this brand the right one for me?
  • Am I absorbing what is in my supplements?
  • And, if you are vegetarian, am I eating the right amount and the right combination of plant protein sources to meet my protein needs?
  • Is my immune system functioning optimally?
Then this test is for you!

Using patented technology, the Cellular Nutrition Assay measures the amount of various vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients like CoQ-10 and Glutathione that the cells in your body have absorbed, not what is in your bloodstream. There is a big difference. Regular lab tests measure the amount of various vitamins and minerals, like vitamin D, B12, calcium, and magnesium, etc. that is in your bloodstream at the time you were tested. It may or may not be reflective of the levels that were in your bloodstream last week or will be next week. This is called the transient amount. When Cell Science Systems performs their Cellular Nutrition Assay, they analyze the direct response of your lymphocytes (immune cells) when individual micronutrients are added to them. This is reflective of what your cells have actually absorbed over the past 5-6 months.

And they measure a bunch of them! In fact, they measure 55 different items including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients. This is critical because so many of these nutrients interact with each other. The interactions are crucial in understanding how to best replenish.

But they don't stop there! In addition, their unique Redox Assay measures your cell's resistance to oxidative stress and your overall antioxidant capacity while their Antioxidant Protection Assay identifies specific nutrients that are particularly protective in resisting oxidative stress and restoring efficient antioxidant function.

See Booklet and Sample Report.

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