Gut Health Testing

What comes to mind when you hear the word "bacteria"? Probably nothing good — strep throat, or maybe salmonella.

But it turns out bacteria isn't always bad. Over the past 15 years, scientists have put the bacteria in our gut under the microscope (pun intended). And there have been a landslide of discoveries about gut bacteria — also known as the microbiome.

Did you know that your microbiome...

  • Plays so many key roles in your body that it's now labeled a "supporting organ"?
  • Consists of trillions of microorganisms and includes thousands of different species?
  • Contains about 10x the number of cells that your body does and weighs about 3 pounds?
  • Is so closely involved with your brain and nervous system that it's known as the "second brain"?

I find the microbiome endlessly fascinating. But I get that not everyone else is as interested in the ins and outs of bacteria. 😄

But even if you're not an aspiring microbiologist, you might want to pay attention to what's going on in your gut. The microbiome is EXTREMELY important when it comes to your health. It's responsible for...

  • Stimulating the immune system to keep you healthy.
  • Protecting you from dangerous organisms that may enter the body when we eat or drink.
  • Manufacturing key vitamins that you can't find in the plants and animals we eat.

The gut microbiome is associated with gastrointestinal disorders including IBS and has been linked to obesity.

I have an arsenal of gut health tests because they each offer their own unique advantages. I evaluate each person's needs and recommend the test I think will be best for them. Click the buttons below to read more about the tests!

Your health is very valuable.

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