Vibrant Wellness Micronutrient Test

The Vibrant Wellness Micronutrient Test gives a really good snapshot of your nutrient levels in both a narrow time frame and a longer time frame. It tests the mineral content of both your extracellular micronutrients (those in your blood serum outside your cells) and your intracellular micronutrients (those being absorbed by your blood cells). It also tests for amounts of fatty acids (good and bad fats) eaten over the past few weeks.

I love this test because it gives really accurate information about what’s happening now and what’s been happening over time. It tests...

  • Serum (outside the cell) — to tell us what’s in the blood from the past week
  • WBC (inside the cell) — reflects nutrients from the past month
  • RBC (kinda like storage) — reflects nutrients from the past 3 months
Measuring nutrients this way can help us see how well you actually absorb them.

For example, when we see how your vitamin B12 levels change over time, we can tell not only how well you are absorbing this nutrient, but we can get a picture of what might be keeping you from absorbing it.

If you're putting in the time, effort, and expense to nourish your body with healthy foods and supplements and would like to know for sure that your efforts are paying off, a micronutrient test will let you see what's really going on at the cellular level. And if you aren't optimizing your nutrients, we'll get to the bottom of why so you can start reaping all the benefits of your nutrient-rich diet!

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