Success Stories

"She Is Active, Attending College, And Pretty Much Living A Normal Life" (POTS)

View of a person in a wheelchair from behind I had a 17 y o girl with POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) and Hashimoto’s. When I first saw her she was so weak that she was having to use a wheelchair. Her initial Symptom Survey was 117. She has improved so much and today after her 6 month appointment, her Symptom Survey was 8!! She is active, attending college, climbing lots of steps involved in attending that college, and pretty much living a normal life. Besides eating gluten free, she is able to eat all her (used to be) reactive foods and all untested foods that she has tried. I’m so proud of her and just wanted to share!

- Susan Gleaton, RD, CLT

"This Little Guy Is 17 Pounds Down In 8 Weeks!"

Before and after photos of a young boyThis little guy is 17 POUNDS DOWN in 8 WEEKS!

Who knew food sensitivities could drive THAT MUCH inflammation and weight gain in his little body!

We took a few "healthy" foods like lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers OUT of his diet that were triggers for him, actually GAVE him back a few grains (much to my dismay), and VOILA! the weight literally FELL off and his blood sugar normalized!! He even surprisingly INCREASED his carbs and calories over the few months and still lost weight. He feels better, has more energy, sleeps better, and struggles less with allergies.

The hardest part working with him over the last few years (even with my knowledge and experience) is all of the time and money we have spent on tests, supplements and more without getting any results. (Thankfully now...we HAVE GREAT RESULTS!)

- One happy mom

"This Is The Best Thing, Health-Wise"

This is the best thing, health-wise, I've ever done for me. Thank you for all the good work you do and support!

CG, Oklahoma

"I Rarely Have Headaches" (Migraines)

Photo of Stacy holding a trophy All I knew was I felt cruddy. Feeling cruddy became my normal...not all at once but little by little. Like the lobster in the warm just gets warmer and warmer and then it's done and you get eaten with butter. I guess that is how I thought it was going be for me...except I don't expect to be eaten.

A couple of my friends walked through this program with Susan Gleaton and FELT BETTER.

WHAAAAT? Is this possible?

Guess what? I feel BETTER! I'm not on OTC pain meds. I RARELY have headaches and I had them daily before. I feel hopeful in a way I hadn't before. Thanks, Susan, for your patience and encouragement. Thanks for going the extra mile. Thanks for rejoicing with me.

- Stacy

"The LEAP Program Provided Priceless Information About My Own Body"

View of a woman holding her arms out from the side The LEAP program worked well for my digestion and stomach discomfort. It gave me a visual and a recording of what foods that I thought I reacted to, as well as foods I had no idea I was sensitive to. The diet was fairly easy to maintain during testing, perhaps because I'm not a chef, and therefore less choices for meals was easy to work with. My family also joined in (by default), and now we all have a great understanding of the good/bad ingredients in most foods. It has been 1 year since I my initial test, I still refer to my pocket card and most of the time avoid foods listed as yellow and red, and I still maintain a gluten/dairy free diet 95%+ of the time more out of awareness, not necessity.

I didn't have a weight problem before the program, but completely understand how most of America is on the heavy side or obese simply based on food choices. I also understand how weight could "melt" away if one was disciplined toward a lifestyle change in terms of a natural diet. I have noticed the plethora of natural and gluten free choices at mainstream grocery chains, and would defend the taste of most brands to be as good or better than foods with "paragraphs of unknown ingredients."

I would recommend the LEAP program for EVERYONE regardless of bothersome symptoms or no symptoms. Knowledge is power, and the LEAP program provided priceless information about my own body that I will use for a lifetime.

- MN

"In 6 Months My IBS Was Cured"

Elderly couple sitting outdoors I had IBS for 30 years and it had worsened over the years. My findings with doctors and research was that it must be personal because people suffering had different symptoms. Exhausted with several health issues; I went on a mission to find the reasons that I broke out and my digestive system was in such a mess.

Through a friend of a friend, I found out about Susan Gleaton and LEAP. The six month program was geared toward my personal blood work that exposed what my system did not like. I followed the program as close as I could and in 6 months my IBS was cured. Plus, I found out what rashes were from food. I highly recommend this program and I was right as it cannot be solved in a one size fits all mold. My biggest pleasure is being able to eat salad, popcorn and so many other foods that I can now enjoy without a trip to the bathroom.

- NH

P.S. I drove an hour each way for Susan to direct me through the process. She was so caring and wonderful.

"It's Well Worth It To Feel So Much Better!" (Multiple Sclerosis)

I believe in the MRT experience! I recommend for anyone with several issues and I have several issues. I have MS which causes many problems and I was looking for homeopathic ways to reduce symptoms. I don't like having to take a lot of medicines, so MRT is a way to help myself without medicine. All of my symptoms declined considerably after starting the program. I can't say it was easy but I can say it’s well worth it to feel so much better! And, a great side effect, I lost weight also!

- Dorothy

I Have Hope Now! (IBS, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Migraines)

Elderly woman in business suit I have had migraines for 34 years, and I have had Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and adrenal fatigue for years. It's taken a long time to have those issues diagnosed, and even longer to understand how important it is to treat these issues at the root cause-and to learn how. Working with Susan, I have learned how to change my dietary intake and how to supplement to begin healing the intestinal permeability. This has made such a dramatic impact on my overall health.

After having the MRT food sensitivity testing done, we worked together on a diet based on the results. In only a few short months, I have been able to stop taking 4 different migraine preventatives (5-8 pills) daily. Of course, this process is not a miracle cure, I do still have migraines. However, I have fewer migraines, and since I am not taking multiple preventive meds, I am not experiencing unwanted side effects from said medications that I was taking.

This is not for wimps. If you can't live life without certain foods or drinks, you will not be successful. However, if you are serious about improving your health, contact Susan Gleaton and she will help you through the maze. I'm glad I did.

- Michelle D

"I Was Absolutely Amazed That I Felt So Much Better" (Hives)

Jane's arm -- psoriasis outbreak My story began in March 2016 with a mild flare of psoriasis. I had 2 more flares that I didn't recognize as psoriasis and I was in process of getting a diagnosis when on Nov 30, 2016 (while on my way to the dermatologist) I was in a terrible auto accident. I was not injured except for bruises, scratches and small lacerations. The accident set off my psoriasis and I went into a huge flair that was unbelievable over 90% of my body. The flare looked like a huge blistering or burn and my skin was falling off and itching from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. In February I landed in the hospital for the psoriasis. They psoriasis under control for a few days but it was back within 72 hours after I was released. I was a mental and physical wreck. I had lost a lot of my hair, I had lost weight and all control of my world. I was now on medication for anxiety, itching and doing chemotherapy for the psoriasis. I was told by my doctor that diet didn't have anything to do with my psoriasis but I knew in my head that I felt like I was allergic to something I was eating.

Jane with her husband I heard about a test called MRT that could tell me what foods I was sensitive to. I knew I wanted this testing and the counseling that went with it. I found Susan Gleaton and got an appointment with her. I was a mess and unable to think or express myself. She was so patient with me and told me about how being sensitive to foods could affect my condition. She did the MRT testing and I found that the foods I was currently eating were the ones I was most sensitive to. When I changed my diet to exclude the things I was sensitive to it detoxed my body and within 2 weeks I started improving.

I was absolutely amazed that I felt so much better. I had less brain fog, my memory improved, and I was just mentally more alert. My skin started to clear up for the first time in over a year. I'm so grateful and appreciate Susan so much for helping. I have had another flair with my skin in July this year but I didn't itch all over like before and I know that it came back when I was stressed and got off my diet. I plan to follow this plan for a lifetime. Thank you for hearing my success story.

- Jane

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